About Us

Vifabella (Vi-fa-bella)was born from a series of "but why can't I?" questions:

    •    Why can't I shop in my language of comfort even if I am living in another country where that is not the main language?
    •    Why can't I ship to another country within Europe?
    •    Why can't I find an interior designer that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?
    •    Why can't I buy a curated solution for a whole room?
    •    Why is it so hard to find furniture/decor online that is great, unique, designed really well?

Accessibility is a key word for us…it means possible and attainable. Our mission is to make great furniture and decor attainable in language, where it can be shipped, and in value.

We hope you cheer us on and join the parade!

Please choose the store for the region you are shipping to, and the language you wish to shop in.

(you can always change this later).

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