While I believe you do not always know where the road will lead you, I intend that this blog will contain contributions from people who champion the growth and success of Vifabella.


Vifabella right now is a seed– a concept for addressing the challenges of:

  • Creating home amidst moving places, neighbourhoods, cities, countries while keeping on track with what you are passionate about doing (work/hobbies/life).
  • Accessing professional interior design on a budget without being on your own.
  • Transitioning your home (in a world without limitless capital). For example: migrating from the mentality of it’s my first apartment and “it’s functional” to your first home that reflects a style/aesthetic to updating a home or stimulating change, moving into a new space)

As well, this blog is also about sharing ideas on interior design and what has made us successful. I felt that it was time to write down what I get so frequently asked about and see if something beautiful comes from it.

I welcome your thoughts, ideas, and musings via email.

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