1. Make your place a Home

A house shouldn’t be just the place where you crash at night and where you keep your belongings. It should the place you look forward to go to when you just need to be somewhere safe and comfortable, surrounded by things that make you feel happy. It should be a Home. Take some time to look around and figure out if you are happy to be in that space, and what you can do to improve that feeling. It could be something as simple as hanging some pictures that represent good memories, painting the walls another colour, getting some plants, or re arrange furniture. It will freshen up the space, and additionally give you that feeling of relief when you enter. It is important to think about the space around you and it’s influence on you state of mind.

2. Start that home improvement project, or tackle the little things

It is time to tackle that bathroom cabinet with the loose doors, or that barren light fixture! Whether you are a DIY’er or you prefer to hire a professional, don’t let those little things linger. How many times have you gone into a room and thought “Oh, I need to do that!”? It is just something that will continue to be in the back of your mind, and it is probably not even very difficult to fix.

Perhaps it is time to think about a few things around the house that could make it more energy efficient – like LED bulbs. If you want to have fun and save energy think about these luxury LED bulbs with fun positive messages.

If you have another bigger project in line, then take the motivation of the New Year and move forward with it, or at least, set up a realistic plan of action.

3. Simplify cleaning and organizing routines

We know, it seems that everyday we have less and less time for ourselves, so who wants to spend it cleaning? The good news is, if you put a bit of thought to it in the beginning, you can come up with little routine tweaks that will help you reduce the time needed to keep your home in shape. We have a great post on how to make Tidiness a Habit, so make sure to check it out!

4. Invest in low maintenance and durable materials

It is not uncommon to choose cheaper made household items because “we can always just get another one”. This means that you pay less at first, but on the long run you’ll have to spend more money replacing or fixing it. Evaluate the pros and cons of your next purchase and consider if it is worth to pay a bit more on a piece that you love and that will last you many many years. If you are worried that you are investing too much in a piece that you might get bored of, remember that long-lasting, high quality pieces are also more sellable or even easier to refurbish (for example painting over melamine versus a wooden item) once you have decided it does not suit your style anymore.

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5. Enjoy more of your space and be grateful

In our hectic lives, we frequently forget how lucky we are. Pause, and see around - you have a Home. You have family, friends, pets, and memories. Sure, life is imperfect, but at the end of the day, it would not be fun if everything came easy. Feel gratitude for what you have accomplished. It is all part of a balance, so remember to sometimes just sit back and enjoy. Happy New year

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