Whether you are a freelancer, a remote worker for a company, a small company owner, or just someone who occasionally works from home it is so important to create a routine, and more importantly, a workspace, that allows you to be as productive as you can working from home. 

One of the greatest benefits of working from home is that you can control your environment (within the physical possibilities of the available space) and not worry so much about the usual issues that can arise from sharing a space with co-workers. This gives you the possibility to adapt the space to your needs, instead of having to adapt yourself to the space. This is a huge motivator for the remote workers at Vifabella!

Perhaps you have found yourself working from the kitchen counter or from the couch– which is fine, just not great for you back! Or having to get up several times looking for a piece of paper, a pen, or that important report that you have to review, or being interrupted by other people that are also in the house during your personal “business hours”. We believe you should not underestimate how important it is to give this some thought, whether you are new to working at home, or realizing that things could be optimized better so you can really give the world your best!

The way you organize your space obviously also varies greatly depending on the type of job you have. However, whether you only really need a desk for your computer, or a bigger space with filing cabinets, consider these points:

  • How much of the available space do you actually need?

Is a small corner of your living room enough for you, or do you need a large amount of space to set up you home office? If you only have a corner but need a lot more space, consider bringing things vertically!

  • Assuming you don’t have an entire room for yourself where you can build your office, do you need to have a clear separation of your work space/living space, or can it be more fluid?

This also applies when you have other members of your household that work from home. If you need a clear separation consider a tall bookshelf like this or a folding screen.

2405341 trinity shelf_1

  • What extra pieces of furniture do you need to acquire?

Do you need a desk? Filling cabinets? A white board?

  • Do you have enough lighting or even the right color of lighting to keep you energized?

We have a great post on how to choose lighting where we speak about the difference of mood versus well lit, so make sure to check it out. We also have a great selection of table lamps in our store.

  • What type of chair are you using?

This is a key point. If you are going to spend hours sitting down, you need to have a good chair. It does not have to be an office chair necessarily, but it needs to be something where you can sit with good posture. Another good option, very popular with our Vifabella team members, is a Pilates ball! Just make sure you choose the diameter that’s appropriate for your height.

While some of these aspects are more practical in a sense that they dictate how you will organize your space, things like physically separating your workspace from your living space and your lighting options really help tricking the brain into “going to work” mode and keep you somewhat protected from distractions.

Most importantly, it needs to be a space where you enjoy spending your time and that keeps your work flowing, with everything you need by hand. If you work from home, we would love to hear you tips!

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