Frequently Asked Questions


How can I keep up to date with what's happening at Vifabella?

We would love for you to follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter! Signing up for our newsletter will keep you on top of the new blog posts and exciting changes.


What if I don't like the options above, but would still like some help?

Smaller scope? Larger scope? Something totally different? If the consultation options are not what you were hoping for, send us a message - we are a small team with fire in the belly that aims to please and get to know what our customers want.

What types of things has design-i helped others in the past with?

Our work has spanned many different needs but here are some of the more common challenges:

    • Light and lighting (see our blog post)
    • Refreshing/updating a room
    • Décor planning and/or styling coffee tables, dining tables, mantles
    • Space and flow issues
    • Future planning - creating a style vision/guide
    • Budget planning for furniture
    • Combining sentimental items with a modern style

Are there any hurdles or challenges with a remote working Interior Designer?

We hope not many!

We do, however, want to draw your attention though to one of the limitations of remote interior design. It's very difficult remotely to fully interpret colors.

Monitors/screens, cameras and lighting all have an effect on the way colors are displayed. This becomes important in developing color palettes and giving advice on what colors go well together. This doesn't mean that we can't talk about colors, coach you, or help you to choose a style that is less susceptible to color theory, but the final interpretation will be in your hands.

We also rely on the information you provide us. We've developed some standardized ways to guide you, but if in doubt about how to relay key details (measurements, descriptions etc.), just ask, we are here to help.

How long will the process take?

Generally, for the standard packages, it will take us about a week once we have the information we need from you. Do let us know if you have a deadline or target date. If we have a high volume of work, we'll make you aware of the delays if any.

What if I am unhappy with the consultation provided?

Genuinely, please talk to us if you are not satisfied or have feedback, we'll work with you.


How do Packages work?

It's easy!

  • you choose the package and the appropriate customizations. Please note the suggested room sizes and measurements.
  • the furniture will take 4-10 weeks to be ready (sometimes sooner). When it is ready to ship we will coordinate with you regarding the delivery. If you have any questions or concerns - just ask!

Are there any important details I should know about Packages?

  • In very rare cases we may have to substitute something in the package due to our manufacturers. Rest assured if this happens we will contact you first and show you what is being changed. Our goal is complete satisfaction.

  • This is a custom order. There are no refunds once it has been dispatched to you. Please take a look at our Returns Policy. That said, if you are unhappy, talk to us, we strive for total satisfaction.

  • You must be present at time of delivery

Please read the details on measurements, and recommendations. I also highly recommend our blog post on online shopping & planning furniture. Also feel free to ask questions!

Is assembly included with the Packages?

  • You are responsible for assembly. We may have a good referal for an assembly service depending on where you are located. Just ask if this is important to you.

  • With large packages, the delivery will be placed in the room of your choosing. Please ensure that the access is cleared and that there is ample room to carry the items from door to room.

  • Prior to assembling, ensure that there are no damages. Once assembled, the items can not be returned.

Please choose the store for the region you are shipping to, and the language you wish to shop in.

(you can always change this later).

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